ECare Customer Benefits

For holders of credit cards from many retail stores that are provided through Capital One Bank, the HRSAccount.Com Hrs eCare website allows for easy online access to account information. When the consumers log into they are able to view their account and perform many general account functions such as view account information, make payments, and view statements.

To obtain access to the Hrsaccount Hrs Ecare site and services, the cardholder must first enroll in the system. To do so they will need to enter the primary cardholders name, date of birth, Social Security number, email address and the account number. A username and a secure password must also be chosen. To reset a password, a link can be sent to the cardholder’s email address. However, to change a username, the customer must cancel then re-enroll in the online card services.

The HRSAccount.Com Hrs eCare site shows consumers the state of their accounts including current balance, available credit, and credit limit. Recent account transactions including payments and purchases since the last statement can be viewed so the consumer has up to date knowledge of what is owed. If a large purchase is planned, the consumer can also request a credit limit increase.

For online payments, the minimum payment and payment due date are shown. The consumer can also access current and past statements for printing or saving. Online payments are accepted with an 8 p.m. deadline on the due date. Consumers may also print and mail payments using the online statements. At this time paperless billing or online statements only are not available.

General account maintenance functions such as changing a mailing address or other personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers is also available on the HRSAccount.Com Hrs eCare site. Replacement cards and paper statements can also be ordered and sent by postal mail. Customers can also change their Online Customer Care password for security.

The advantage of the Hrsaccount Hrs Ecare website is that it is available every day of the year including holidays. The consumer is not left waiting in long lines for a customer service agent on the telephone or restricted to normal business hours. With the HRSAccount.Com Hrs eCare site the card holder always has access to their account information and online assistance with their account.

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