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How To Check Your Kmart Rewards Card Points

Steps to Check My Kmart Rewards Card Points

Kmart’s shop has introduced a program to reward loyal customers. For every dollar you spend, whether in the store or online, you will be given some points that can fetch you more valuable items. It works like some other reward programs such as Target’s REDcard rewards and Best Buy’s reward program.

Kmart Rewards CardYou can use your Kmart’s reward card points to get something from the store and you can find out the points you have by visiting any Kmart’s store or through their website.

1. If you decide to go to the store, the customer-service center can attend to you. The center is close to the entrance. You can check it again with the cashier after making your purchases.

2. Present your Kmart rewards card to the representative at the customer-service section and wait for his response as he swipes the card to reveal your account history. Another way the customer-service representative can do it is by using your personal information to check your balance. You should be able to provide your name, address and phone number.

3.    You can even do this by yourself by visiting their website. You can access your members account by typing your email address and password. Look for the “Account at a Glance” section and see your Kmart rewards card points.